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36" x 52"
Egg Tempera
Collection of Lehigh Valley Hospital

Commissioned by the major hospital in the Lehigh Valley to paint "a view of the Lehigh Valley", the artist made the decision to view the area through the memorabilia of many of the areas businesses spanning the major employers to the Mom & Pop type stores of the past as well as items which had special meanings to the artist. In this collection of Items he included such favorites as Yocco's and the Brass Rail, Hess's, Mack Trucks, Dorney Park and the Allentown Fair. Breweries represented include Neuweiler, Horlacher, Seitz and Lennart. The artist included his commemorative patch from the Fullerton Ramblers, the local football team he was playing for when he broke his leg on the first day of seventh grade. Also included are items from the Dent Hardware, the manufacturer of cast iron toys in the town the artist grew up in, where his grandfather worked for 56 years. Over 35 objects make up this memorable view of the Lehigh Valley and as it was being painted for a hospital, the artist titled it appropriately "Vital Signs" since it represented the social and economic well being of the community.