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Egg Tempera

The appearance of roadside farm stands selling orange pumpkins, colorful gourds, bunches of Indian corn and jugs of apple cider signal the arrival of fall in Pennsylvania. The countryside is sporadically dotted with the blaze orange of hunter’s vests as they pursue their quarry across the recently harvested fields. One of the artist’s friends stopped by the studio with a gift of freshly made sauerkraut and kielbasa and told him about the trophy buck he had just shot. As most children did, the artist used to love to find imaginary pictures in the clouds. This love is still carried out by seeing images in the shapes of shadows. Here the cast shadow of the cornhusks appeared to look like that elusive trophy buck pausing to take a drink of water, a “Ten Pointer” in profile. This is one of the bunches of Indian corn that the artist’s wife had purchased for decoration at their daughter Laura’s fall wedding. By the time the artist finished the painting, the squirrels had stripped the kernels off the cobs preparing for the long winter ahead.

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